Shark Tank Update

     Atlantic Candy has been hard at work since our episode of Shark Tank (S8, E4) aired in October of 2016.  If you will remember, I went in to the Shark Tank and pitched our concept for a "surprise egg" for the US market. While I failed to get a deal from the Sharks, we carried on and ultimately developed ToyBox Chocolate Surprise.

     We launched our ToyBox line this year and we've enjoyed some early success.  The candy industry is a competitive category and with the increasing popularity of online shopping, the number of in-store placements is actually shrinking.  To earn a spot on the shelf in a store, in a crowded market place, someone else has to lose their spot.  To win this battle your product needs to have it all and ToyBox has a bit of everything.

     My Shark Tank experience was a whirlwind as I'm sure most of the "entrepreneurs" featured on the show would agree. As I was standing in front of the double doors about to walk into the Tank I remember thinking to myself how surreal the whole situation was, how the places life can take you are pretty wild.  What happened next is a blur.

     When the episode aired in 2016 my company blew up overnight in a phenomenon called the "Shark Tank Effect." Many, many people reached out to me over the following days. Atlantic Candy was suddenly on the map. It has been a cool experience and has been great for the business.  It was a life experience I will never forget and one that I definitely don't regret.

     We are still working everyday to establish our brand and grow our distribution network. Our goal is to make super fun chocolate and toy products that are delicious, safe, and priced right.  This holiday season, you can find ToyBox at Dollar General Stores and Claire's nationwide, as well as in many convenience stores nationwide.  Thanks for reading. - Jared



Jared Whetstone